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Tecno Lanema creates value for its customers and partners throughout the project. From the analysis of the intended application to the environment and conditions in which it is established, we can advise the best material as well as the creation of the project according to strict tolerances and compatible with the intended solution.

Due to an optimized and certified combination of a specialized multidisciplinary team, with the most advanced technical means in terms of software and hardware, Tecno Lanema is your partner in the optimized development of each piece for your project.

Your project has the following steps:

- Project management
- Material Counseling
- Services of CAD / CAM
- Management and production 4.0
- CNC machining services
- CMM quality control
- 3D measuring tools
- PDM and document management at 10 years

Contact us, we are prepared to respond to your requests efficiently and competently, defending your interests and ensuring your satisfaction.