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CMM Control

In order to ensure the quality of the final product, Tecno Lanema has 5 Dimensional Control systems (up to 2500x1500x1000). All projects are subject to dimensional control throughout the various phases of the production cycle, using different measurement tools (including 3D), analysis of surface conditions and early identification of possible deviations and geometric defects.


In a long-term perspective, we also guarantee the replication of any version of any component for a period of 10 years, thanks to our system that allows the documentary traceability.

Reverse Engineering

With the bet in the latest technological evolution of 3D digitization, it is possible to produce and / or reproduce pieces constituted by more complex and impossible ways of planning with the more conventional methods, guaranteeing dimensional and geometric rigor.


Thanks to a modern production - Industry 4.0 - dedicated to machined parts, and to the high degree of connectivity between systems that it allows, we are able to monitor and guarantee the integral quality of our production process.
In addition, Tecno Lanema created two distinct production areas (an area for machining plastics and another for machining aluminum) so as to prevent contamination with particles from the different materials, both with a controlled temperature between 19º and 21º.
The company's virtualization allows us to make the remote management integrated in real time of the entire machining process, which is able to make decisions autonomously.

Such innovation results in greater flexibility in the management and scheduling of production, better balance between processes and work posts, a significant improvement in efficiency and effectiveness throughout the process and, consequently, a reduction in costs for the customer.

Thus, with the customer in focus of the action, Tecno Lanema is certified by independent external accredited entities, according to international recognized references, namely:

- Quality Management System, according to the ISO 9001  (Download) 
- Quality Management System for Aerospace Sector, according to the EN 9100 (Download)

All organization around quality 

More than 90 people make up the team involved in Tecno Lanema's quality process, meaning, the entire organization.

From controlling the entry of raw materials and ending with the analysis of customer satisfaction, each member of our team is trained and sensitized for the importance of the Quality Management process.

Let's turn our passion for what we do into innovation!