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Foundation of Lanema Company on 12 October 1978 in the field of import materials for the industry in general.
  • Lanema purchased by the current administration
  • Beginning of the modernization process



Team Reinforcement
In the course of 1994, POLY LANEMA has six employees and is reinforced by an external sales technician, which substantially increases the number of customers.
New product range
Introduction of a new product range: Mechanical Transmissions; Bronze; Technical Aluminium and Engineering Plastics.



  • Moving for news facilities with an área of 1.200m2.
  • Business consolidation.
  • Number of workers increases and new products
  • Implementation of a storage system more faster and efficient.
1st Tradeshow
First participation in Tradeshows (EMAF).



POLY LANEMA participates again in the prestigious trade show EMAF - International Exhibition of Machine Tools and Accessories. A new opportunity to present the structure of the company, which is distinguished in 3 distinct areas: semi-finished, standard and machining. The focus on the concepts of Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness were explored in the participation of the fair, with the launch of the company's website.
New facilities - Zona Industrial de Ovar
  • Change facilities to a total área of 10.000m2 na Zona Industrial de Ovar.
  • Creation of the largest logistics center of semi-finished products in Portugal.
  • Acquisition of the first CNC machine with vacuum attachment.



Team Reinforcement
In 2004, POLY LANEMA transformed its computer network into a new concept of digital commerce, offering our customers the possibility to get to know and acquire our products and services, as well as detailed accounts of current accounts through the Internet and on- line with our internal database. With the experience acquired over the years in the area of ​​machining of technical plastics, taking advantage of our technologically and technically sophisticated equipment, fully the new machining division. A new high-speed machining project emerges, which enables us to be able to study, design and execute complex shapes in record time with a 100% use of materials due to the large machining capacity. We have also increased our cutting capacity by acquiring one of the largest machines in Europe, achieving dimensions never before achieved throughout the Iberian Peninsula. This qualitatively progressive leap of our company has attracted the interest of the biggest European producers and big business groups of world prestige, such as: FAG, INA, Chiaravalli, Quadrant EPP, 3P, Ames, Alcan, etc ..., to which we are linked and in we pride ourselves on your representation.
Acquisition of SUNEMETAL
  • Acquisition of SUNEMETAL (Portuguese Company of Engineering Plastics and Technical Aluminium).
  • National and International projection.



Quality management system
The year 2007 was the starting year for the development and implementation of a Quality Management System, according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard.
ISO 9001/2008 Certification



Lanema in SPAIN
  • Purchase of SERTU assets in Madrid and Barcelona. Change name to "LANEMA DE ALUMINIOS Y PLÁSTICOS, S.L.". Reinforcement of the presence in Spain.
  • Facilities expansion for a total area of 20,000m2.
  • First participation in an International Tradeshow (METALMADRID).
  • Renewal of SME (PME) Leader statue.
Company Spin-off
In 2011, POLY LANEMA was the subject of a spin-off. A new company was created with the designation POLY LANEMA, LDA. It was also the year of implementation of the Quality Management System at LANEMA de Alumínios y Plásticos, S.L.



We were present at the fair MIDEST - the largest International Industrial Subcontracting Fair in Paris. We represent the Portuguese sector with a focus on boosting the national market, POLYLANEMA presented engineering solutions in the CNC manufacturing of engineering plastic parts and technical aluminum.
As a result of the example of leadership and innovation, in 2015 the company was invited to join EDPA (European Distributors Association of Plastics), taking its first steps as a national player with relevance in the European (international) sector.



Investment in Machining
The first half of 2016 was marked by the investment in 17 new machines and the expansion of Tecnolanema Department's facilities with the construction of a warehouse of approximately 2,100 m .. With the present project, POLY LANEMA intends to reinforce its positioning and even achieve increase and broaden its position. The company, through innovation, increased precision, technicity, quality and speed, will be able to respond to the demands of the current customers as well as to conquer new sectors, with products of greater added value and high potential of growth, thus increasing its bargaining power and both downstream (with suppliers and partners) and upstream. In pursuit of its strategy of ascent in the value chain, the company also aims to implement a new market approach through the implementation of new forms of communication, which will also bring greater influence, even to the end customer, which will have access product / process excellence you may require.
Best Companies to Work for
POLY LANEMA was recognized by EXAME magazine as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Portugal. 



The LANEMA increasingly green
GRUPO LANEMA is getting greener, having announced the decision to invest in all units of the group in renewable energy, placing PV Projects in all its buildings. More than 1,000 photovoltaic panels were installed in the roofs over an area of ​​more than 5,000 meters, with an investment of 300,000 euros, allowing GRUPO LANEMA to have an energy autonomy of about 36% compared to the consumption of the buildings where the power plants were installed solar power plants. In addition, the nearly 1,000 photovoltaic panels will avoid annual emissions of about 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the withdrawal of 30 cars or the energy consumption of 130 homes. The added value is that these buildings have a regular and constant consumption, allowing to maximize the profitability of renewable solar energy and save about 36% of the total of their electric bill. In our view it is crucial that large companies invest in solar photovoltaic projects as an investment for the future! With this investment, GRUPO LANEMA is investing in one of the most important and potential resources in our country, the sun, reinforcing its investment in the policy of environmental sustainability that we have been investing for several years.
LANEMA in Aeronautics
The objective for the year 2019 goes through the Certification of two new aeronautical reference standards, the EN9100 and EN9120. We seek to be each time closer to the markets of excellence, proving our quality and focus on the future.



- Growth and business consolidation with the acquisition of 3 new pavilions and their remodeling.
- Increase the number of workers and implement faster and more efficient storage systems.



Renewal of the PME Líder 2020 Status following the continuous improvement of our performance and quality, as well as our contribution to the national economy.
Lanema Group started the expansion works of its facilities, which will represent an increase of its total area to about 62 thousand m2.


Following the restructuring plan for the division of the Lanema Group's business areas, Tecnolanema, Lda, is officially separated for tax purposes, but continues to form part of the Group's growth.