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Certal® SPC

Certal® SPC has been optimized to provide excellent machinability, good dimensional weldability and high mechanical resistance across the entire thickness of the plate. Typical applications include injection and compression moulds for plastics. It is distinguished from Certal® by the availability in thickness over 150mm.

Chemical Composition (% Weight)

Elements Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn 0.15 - Al
Min - - 0.5 - 2.6 - 4.3 0.15 - -
Max 0.25 0.35 1.0 0.1 3.7 0.1 5.2 0.25 0.15 Resto





160 HB

Brinell Hardness



main characteristics

- Excellent machining

- Good shape stability and high uniform mechanical properties (on plate thickness)

- High thermal conductivity (shorter cycles) and possibility of thicker parts

- Uniform resistance

- It is possible to weld* (TIG/MIG)


* Welding for recharging is possible under certain condition. The reduction of the resistance in the welding area must be considered.


- Hydraulic distribution blocks

- Injection and compression moulds for plastics

- Injection-blow moulds

- Thermoformed moulds

- End baseboards

- Machine elements

- Moulds for toys and automotive industry

- Industrial tools and related holders

- Mechanical guides