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Excellent combination of wear and abrasion resistance properties, loadability and dimensional stability when exposed to chemical agents and high temperatures.


- Very high maximum allowable service temperature in air [220 °C continuously, up to 260 °C for short periods of time] 

- High mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance, also at elevated temperatures
Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance 

- Very good dimensional stability 

- Excellent wear and frictional behaviour [Techtron HPV PPS] 

- Physiologically inert [suitable for food contact] 

- Excellent resistance to high energy radiation [gamma- and X-rays]  

- Good UV-resistance 

- Inherent low flammability 

- Good electrical insulating and dielectric properties


- All kinds of industrial equipment such as industrial drying and food processing ovens [bearings, rollers]

- Chemical process equipment [pump, valve & compressor components]

- Electrical insulating systems and sliding parts