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The specific properties of this crystalline PET, in the virgin state, make it a material particularly adopted for precision mechanical parts exposed to high loads and subjected to high wear.

main characteristics

- High mechanical strength, stiffness and hardness

- Very good creep resistance

- Low and uniform coefficient of friction

- Excellent wear resistance (better than polyamide)

- Very good dimensional stability (better than Ertacetal)

- Physiologically inert

- Excellent stain resistance (consistent white appearance)

- Better acid resistance than polyamides and polyacetals

- Good chemical resistance and robustness at 240ºF

- Very low water absorption


- Bushings, guides and castors

- Low impact non-impact gears

- Scrapers for food and similar products

- Precision Parts

- Dental prosthetics

- Insulating parts

- Components for pumps in the food industry

- Components for pharmaceutical testing equipment