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Enhanced Quality - Know-How & Materials

Reduced maintenance costs, reduction of downtime and reduced personnel costs are part of a range of advantages that our customers can achieve thanks to enhanced quality parts. 


We use the term "enhanced quality parts" to describe those parts with indices of longevity, strength and performance that cannot be verified in a normal initial quality control process, only through comparative performance tests, in real-life or laboratory contexts.

Given the difficulty in performing such comparative tests of the performance level of similar parts (same design, but produced by different companies and / or with different materials), we can share and communicate these characteristics of the parts we produce thanks to two fundamental factors:
- Our unique precision parts production process, as described in the other article in this newsletter
- The origin and quality of the materials we use.

The main characteristics of the materials we use are:
- "Made in Europe"
- Materials certified for the most diverse uses, from the possibility of being in contact with food products until the possibility of being used in the aerospace industry 
- Produced in compliance with the best practices of each industry 
- Possibility of traceability of materials.

We combine the best of different worlds to provide our customers with the best that is made and available in the universe of precision parts, in engineering plastics and aluminium, worldwide.

Our main objective at Tecnolanema is to present our customers with the best possible parts and we strive daily to be not only in the technological forefront, but also at the technical and quality forefronts.