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High Standard for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Technical and technological capacity at the highest level

In order to respond to the most demanding industries, such as the medical-pharmaceutical industry, at Tecnolanema we have at our customers' disposal an optimized, balanced and certified combination of a specialized multidisciplinary team, with the most advanced technical means at the software and hardware levels. .

Every day at Tecnolanema we produce thousands of machined parts in engineering plastics and technical aluminium for the most varied and demanding industries, but all customers, directly or indirectly, enjoy the results that the high requirement of specific industries have in Tecnolanema’s organization and operation, that is the enrichment of the know-how and therefore of a constant evolution. .

Thus, and as an example, we currently carry out complete and continuous project management whenever it is justified or we see the need for it (from the embryonic stage, through a constant process of optimization) and we also have a production in constant evolution and improvement, where almost every day we see improvements and gains, in the most diverse projects / pieces. .

However, these and other features exist thanks to the needs and requirements of the customers and simultaneously to serve the customers. .

In short, we have the ability, the will and the courage to embrace current and new challenges, the harder the better, such as the medical-pharmaceutical industry, so that we can, together with our customers, grow and develop a long-term relationship, which we one day may call partnership.