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Increased durability

How productive execution influences the performance of a precision part

The guarantee of greater durability is closely related to the quality of execution of a part, but also to the level of knowledge of the materials of those who execute it, and at Tecnolanema we guarantee both.

As a reference, we share some of the parts (and their respective materials) that we at Tecnolanema have produced for our customers in the lifting industry, namely:

Nylatron® GSM

Ertalon® 6PLA

Ertalon® LFX

- pulleys for steel cables
- arm bushings
- rotary bushings
- arm support
- telescope arm sliding rulerstelescópio
- telescope arm slide blocks

In order to guarantee the highest durability of the produced parts, it is necessary to guarantee the following conditions:

Knowledge of materials


Improved machining


Faster execution


Improved finishing


Increased durability

Only by guaranteeing the presence of all mentioned conditions, it is possible to guarantee to the customers the best solution and the best possible performance.

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