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Specific production area

In order to respond to the specific requirement of no particle contamination, from such industries as the pharmaceutical, we have invested in the increase of our production area, in order to be able to create dedicated machining areas.

Consequently, nowadays we are able to guarantee parts free of particle contamination, in our specific case, we prevent plastic machined parts from having aluminium particle contamination. Such an investment is the practical result of our strategy, focused on the needs of each customer, which in turn is translated into regular update of both technical and technological resources, thus responding to the ever evolving market demands and requirements.

Simultaneously, we are also investing in the upgrade of our processes and methods in order to deserve additional certifications, besides the ISO 9001 which we already have, in order to be able to respond to additional requirements from additional technically demanding industries.

Therefore if you need an engineering partner, namely in the field of machined parts in engineering plastics and technical aluminium, we are at your disposal.

Please contact and we will be happy to assist you.