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Technological development and increase quality for our customers

Technological development and increase quality for our customers

The passion for what we do takes the form of a continuous improvement and a constant "upgrade", so that we may provide our customers with machining services of excellence that go beyond the mere produced part.

Aware of today's challenges, by applying the principles of industry 4.0 in our production, we obtain the version of the "Digital Factory" adapted to the context of precision machining services of parts, in our case of parts in engineering plastics or technical aluminium.

Composed in its essence by concepts such as "no paper", system connectivity, decentralization of the decision process and real-time information, on a daily basis we can summarize these as the connections between machines and devices that enable our team to access information in real time and allowing:
- Improvement and optimization of the productive process
- Higher quality control throughout the process
- Increased flexibility and responsiveness
- "Upgrade" of our service.

In turn, such improvements result for our customers in:
- Better delivery times
- Access to an unique set of additional services (e.g. traceability)
- Quality assurance (solution and part).

Regarding quality, it should be noted that we are governed by the full breadth service quality principle, which goes beyond the mere quality of the machined part. Our quality principle encompasses: development or monitoring of design, preparation, production, control, shipping, replication and customer service.

We at Tecnolanema are in a constant process of innovation and development, in order to remain at the forefront as providers of machining services of excellence, so that we can anticipate or meet the requirements and challenges of our customers, with a strong focus on the paramount requirement that is quality.