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Tecno Lanema pioneer in Industry 4.0

Real-time information, systems interconnection, decentralized decision making and "no paper" are some of the principles already adopted in our production. Always aiming to serve customers more and more, we are proud to be in the forefront of innovation in the sector of precision machining services worldwide, since the new industrial revolution, industry 4.0, is already implemented in Tecno Lanema! We dare to turn into reality something that is still concept or theory for most companies! Currently we have implemented a set of tools and systems that realizes the fundamental conditions that the industry 4.0: - connectivity between systems (human and technological) - "no paper" and virtualization of the real - real-time information - decentralized decision-making process In other words, at the moment we have a system that allows us to do integrated real-time remote management of all of our productive machining process, which is capable of making autonomous / decentralized decisions. Such innovation results in: - greater flexibility in production management and scheduling - balance between processes and jobs - significant improvement in efficiency and effectiveness throughout the process.