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Industry 4.0 & quality

Assurance via integration

Real-time information, decentralized decision-making, system connectivity and no paper are just some of the principles of industry 4.0 that we have implemented in our production in order to achieve the desired increase in productivity.

However, we measure productivity not only in a quantity output perspective, but mostly in quality increase output.

Thanks to the integration or automation of the different elements along the different production stages via the connectivity among (human and technological) systems, reducing/eliminating the use of paper (“no paper”) and the virtualization of reality, by providing real-time information and decentralizing the decision-making process, we managed to reduce the probability of error along the productive information flow that results in the reduction or even elimination of out of spec parts.

Such integration allows greater flexibility in managing and programming production, thus allowing greater balance between processes and jobs, as well as significant improvement in efficiency and efficacy throughout the entire process.